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Protip - The instrument used to keep your Tipper on its Wheels !

Protip has been designed and developed upon request of leading trailer manufactures, fleet operators, mining companies and insurance companies. The primary goal is to ensure a safer operating environment, which also results in substantial cost savings for all parties.
The success of the system is due to the simplicity of operation - with the press of a single button!

How does it work?
Once the Tip starts normally, during the time that the bucket is raised, should the ground give way and the prescribed angle of the tip be reached, the action will be stopped by Protip. It immediately stops the tip action, thus preventing your truck from tipping over!

Probit Digital design

ProTip has been developed by South Africans for the harsh South African environment and to meet the safety needs of our customers. Companies running fleets of vehicles, articulated and fixed tippers regularly experience mishaps with substantial financial implications and occasional tragic loss of life.

ProTip offers a cost effective way of preventing a vehicle from toppling over while tipping a load by measuring a manufacturers predefined safety angle and interlocking with the vehicles mechanicals to either allow or prevent the tipping action to take place. Furthermore should the vehicle move during the tipping process, the ProTip unit will automatically stop, or stop and lower the bucket depending on the operators preference. The entire process from the moment a tip action is initiated until it is completed is logged in the unit together with a time and date stamp. The data is recorded against the particular vehicle together with numerous other data which can be retrieved at a later date.

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Scenes Protip aims to avoid

This device measures the angle of the vehicle and ensures that it stays in manufacturers' specifications when tipping.


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